• KDA Attendance


    Reporting Student Attendance Using Time Tracker

    It is the responsibility of students and parents to enter a daily log of time (in minutes) spent on tasks related to learning. These will be minutes spent online and offline completing tasks for KDA. By State statute, KDA shall maintain a daily log for each student who participates in online instruction. The daily log shall describe the amount of time spent by each student participating in online instruction on academic tasks. The daily log must list in minutes the amount of time spent on academic tasks for each course in which the student is enrolled.

    • Students can log minutes for any time spent on schoolwork, and this does include time spent offline doing homework at night or on weekends.

    • Students can enter minutes as many times as they like during the week, as long as they click the Update button.

    • Parents should only click the Submit button in ParentVUE once per week. If your student will be completing work over the weekend, please wait until they are done to click Submit. Otherwise, you can Submit their minutes at the end of the day on Friday.

    • If you hit Submit too early and need to make a change, please email digitalacademy@kyrene.org, and we will unlock it for you.

    • There is a minimum number of minutes you should see at the end of the week. If your student participates in every class session for 5 days, and does not complete any additional work outside of class, they should have entered at the minimum.
  • Reporting Student Absences

    Unlike a brick and mortar school, KDA does not have an attendance phone line. If your child is going to be, or was absent, please email the teacher(s) directly to inform them. Teachers may be able to assign work ahead of time or they may assign work when the student returns. As it states in the Kyrene District Handbook, students are expected to complete assignments and tests missed during an absence. The student is responsible for requesting missing assignments and for returning them to the teacher in the required amount of time.

    Parents can access teacher email addresses in ParentVue or on the staff contact page of the KDA website.

    Recording Absences and Tardies on the Time Tracker

    If a student misses the entire day, or a portion of the day, the minutes entered must reflect that absence/tardy for those classes/class. Place zero minutes (0) in the classes/subject column for the day/time missed. If a student completes make-up work for the missed class, keep track of the total time they work independently on each subject and those minutes can be added to the actual date that the work was completed and what they worked on for the absence should be listed in the “activity” column. If a student was absent from a live Zoom class on a specific date/time, there should be no minutes entered on that date unless work was completed out of class at a different time.

  • How to Enter Daily Minutes and Submit Weekly Attendance

    Entries of minutes in the daily log are entered and submitted in StudentVUE/ ParentVUE. Below are the steps to complete to enter daily minutes.

    Steps to Updating Minutes Daily:

    1. Login to StudentVUE/ParentVUE
    2. Select the Attendance Tab
    3. Click on Time Tracker on the right side above the calendar
    4. Enter minutes per class period/session (see approximate number of hours/minutes in the charts below)
      1. NOTE: You may not enter any more than 59 minutes in a single minute column.
      2. NOTE: Enter times over 60 minutes in hours and minutes, as appropriate
      3. Click Update Times to save minutes that were entered and recalculate totals (at the end of each submission)
    5. Note: You can enter the daily time logs from the ParentVUE phone app, but the process is quicker on a Chromebook/laptop.

    Steps to Submit Minutes/Log Weekly

    1. Log in to ParentVUE 
      1. This action cannot be done on StudentVUE
    2. Check that Total Time displays all of the hours and minutes entered for the week for all classes/subjects.
      1. If any minutes are not added for a day/class/subject, update first.
    3. Click Update and Submit to attest that all of the submitted times are accurate and submit the minutes for the week (Please complete Friday after school or before Monday morning, the start of the new school week.)
    4. Note: Once you click Update and Submit no changes can be made to minutes without being unlocked by an administrator.
    5. Note: You can submit and certify/attest the weekly total minutes from the ParentVUE phone app, but the process is quicker on a Chromebook/laptop.

    For questions regarding Time Tracker or if you need assistance unlocking Time Tracker to edit minutes, contact Hilary Perkins, 480-541-7000, hkperkins@kyrene.org

  • Minimum Weekly Minutes

    Entering and submitting minutes on a weekly basis is a requirement for enrollment at Kyrene Digital Academy. Failure to do so could result in your child being withdrawn from KDA.




    Daily Log Minutes: 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Students


    Daily Minutes for Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

    Daily Minutes for Wednesdays (Early Release Days)










    Social Studies






    Elective A



    Elective B




    Daily Total: 330 minutes or 5 hours and 30 minutes

    Daily Total: 210 minutes or 3 hours and 30 minutes

    Weekly Total: 1530 minutes or 25 hours and 30 minutes


Last Modified on June 29, 2023