• Kyrene School District COVID-19 Active Case Count

    Kyrene School District recognizes the unique circumstances of this global pandemic and the desire for greater transparency regarding COVID-19 cases, while still abiding by federal HIPAA and FERPA laws, which protect the privacy of our staff and students. In an effort to balance privacy and transparency, Kyrene School District provides this daily COVID-19 case count for the purpose of public monitoring. The case count dashboard reflects the number of confirmed, active COVID-19 cases involving in-person exposure of students or staff, as reported through the District’s designated COVID reporting system only.  The dashboard does not reflect cases involving students or staff learning/working from home, as those are not regularly reported, and Kyrene School District has no reliable way of ensuring an accurate count. The case count is updated daily with any changes and is based on the last day an individual was on campus. Cases are removed from the count when the quarantine period has passed.

  • District Staff & Students = 18,000
    Total Active Cases = 3
    Student Cases = 2 | Staff Cases = 1
    School Cases = 3| Non-School Cases = 0
  • Elementary School (PreK-5) Active Cases
    Kyrene de las Brisas 1
    Kyrene de los Cerritos 0
    Kyrene del Cielo 0
    Kyrene de la Colina 0
    Kyrene de la Esperanza 0
    Kyrene de la Estrella 0
    Kyrene de los Lagos 0
    Kyrene de las Lomas 0
    Kyrene de las Manitas 1
    Kyrene de la Mariposa 0
    Kyrene del Milenio 0
    Kyrene de la Mirada 0
    Kyrene Monte Vista 0
    Kyrene de los Niños 0
    Kyrene del Norte 0
    Kyrene de la Paloma 0
    Kyrene de la Sierra 0
    Kyrene C.I. Waggoner 0
  • Middle School (6-8) Active Cases
    Kyrene Akimel A-al 0
    Kyrene Altadeña  0
    Kyrene Aprende 0
    Kyrene Centennial 0
    Kyrene Middle School 0
    Kyrene del Pueblo 0


    K-8 Active Cases
    Kyrene Traditional Academy  1
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