• For 2020-2021 school year, Google Classrooms will be a required resource for all of Mr. Ehrler's students. To register, complete the following steps:

    1. Be sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome.
    2. Go to http://classroom.google.com/
    3. Click on the '+' sign located in the upper right hand side of your browser. Then click “Join Class.”
    4. Confirm that you are signed in under the student's school email address (i.e. student#@myksd.org). If you are signed in under a different email address, please logout and then log back in using the student's official Kyrene email address.
    5. Enter the appropriate class code and then click on the 'Join' button that is located in the upper right hand side of the browser. If you are unsure of which class you are in, please check the roster.
      1. Concert Band - Woodwinds and Brass: vlf6nhs
      2. Percussion Class: g5spk7q
      3. Symphonic Band - Woodwinds and Brass: g3i644f
      4. Wind Ensemble - Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion: x3tgel4
        Music Exploration: hwh7lh6

    You should now be enrolled in Mr. Ehrler's class! If it does not work, try again and be sure to use your Kyrene email address!