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    Where can I find notes and online assignments/homework?

    • All notes, online assignments/homework and study guides are located on Google Classroom.
    • Assignments for students from SAVAAS Elevate Science textbooks/online books are also linked to Google Classroom.

    How do students join Google Classroom?

    • Go to
    • Sign in to your Kyrene Google account
    • On the Classes page, click on Add, Join class
    • Enter the class code and click join (see below for Class Codes)
    • Verify from your class schedule that you have joined the correct class period

    Google Classroom Codes 2020-2021

    • Codes will be emailed to students through their Kyrene Gmail account. Please check your email for your code and use it to join your class period.

    How can parents join Google Classroom to see their child's work/assignments?

    • Parents can receive updates on assignments for their child in Google Classroom by becoming a listed guardian in Google Classroom. You will need to email me directly at, be sure to include in your email your preferred email address, your full name and your child's full name. 


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