• Let’s Go!!

    This quarter we are going to be doing Kahoots, building projects, 3D printing, programming, experimenting with Newton’s Laws, designing and working with the Engineer Design Process…


    So much to do, so come to the zoom prepared and ready to go.  What does that mean?

    • Paper and pencil ready every time.
    • Make sure you have anything that needs to be turned in, turned in.
    • Projects or materials that I tell you to be prepared with for that day ready to go.


    • Something to color with – markers, crayons or colored pencils.
    • Paper - lined and blank
    • Masking Tape
    • Scotch Tape
    • Glue Stick
    • Index cards


    Miscellaneous Items:  This doesn’t mean you need to have all of these things, but that you have some of these things…  Save what you find.

    String, cardboard boxes, interesting containers, egg cartons, cans, cardboard, cereal boxes, dominos, round things – golf balls, tennis balls, marbles, magnets, metal things, pipe cleaners. 


    Since we cannot be in my lab with all the weird stuff I have in it, we will have to use your weird stuff.  This doesn’t mean you should buy anything!!!  Just use things that you find around the house.

    If you missed my fabulous meet the teacher video click here.


    Google Classroom Code:

    Period Seven: myr5f2g

    Bonus Points

    If you have read this entire page, go to google classroom and join the class.  Then email me and put which period you are in in the subject line.  Tell me:

    • If you were able to join the google classroom
    • If you have ever had a STEM class, club or camp.
    • What your favorite tv show is.
    • If you have any pets what kind and what are their names.

    Email it to:  wlandis@kyrene.org