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New Interactive Music Program!

  • This year we are piloting a music program called Quaver! It is great fun and every student at KTA will have access to the program. I will use Quaver as part of our weekly lessons, especially when we are online. I will occasionally assign activities and fun projects in Quaver as well.

    The really cool part is, you as a student can do awesome things with Quaver even when you are not in music class! You will soon receive an access code and instructions on how to sign up (we'll cover this in class as well) in your music Google classroom. Once you sign up the first time, every time you sign in will be super easy! There are a ton of fun music games and activities for you to explore. (You will not sign in to Quaver for music class; I will share my screen with you. You will be signed into Zoom just like your regular class.)