• Centennial School Counseling

    Where we put students first! We believe every student has the potential to succeed. We are committed to assisting our students develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills to enhance... academic achievement, college and career readiness, social and emotional development.


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    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to help each student to see and maximize their full potential. We will work collaboratively with school stakeholders to ensure that the needs of the whole child are being met. We will accomplish our mission through the following direct and indirect services:

    Classroom Instruction                                      Academic Guidance

    Social/Emotional Support                                Individual/Group Counseling

    Mental Health Referrals                                   Community Resources

    Student Support (IEP/504)                               Mediation/Conflict Resolution

    Teacher Support (Classroom Mgmt)                 

    Admin Support (identify/resolve student issues, needs & problems)          

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