Outside Vendor Instructions

  • * You may want to print these instructions for reference.

    This system will allow outside vendors to connect via VPN. Once you are connected you will be able to access a control server via RDP (Remote Desktop). This will allow you to control all systems for which you have been given access to.

    1. Obtain your logon credentials from the Kyrene Technology Department.

    2. Log into the VPN portal with the supplied credentials at:
    3. Once logged in you will see the screen below. 

    4. Click on the EPORT link listed under Terminal Sessions. You will now see the windows logon screen below.

    5. Log in again with the supplied credentials.
      *Be sure to log into the KSD domain and not the local server

    6. Once logged into the server you will see a folder on the desktop called "Your Server Connections".

    7. Open this folder and simply double click the server you need to access. You will be automatically logged into that server with credentials supplied and with the appropriate permissions.

    8. When you are done working with each server be sure to "log off" or "disconnect". DO NOT shutdown the server/s.

    9. When you are finished simply click Sign Off

      If you have any other questions please contact the Technology Department.
Last Modified on March 19, 2021