• About Kyrene Digital Academy

  • Kyrene Digital Academy at a Glance

    • Kindergarten–Grade 8

    • 5 Full days per week

    • Enrolled in Kyrene Digital Academy

    • Internet connection required

    • District device provided

    • Live teacher-led instruction and asynchronous learning

    • Class meetings, small groups, and 1-to-1 support

    • Kyrene teachers and curriculum 

    • Social-emotional support

    • Accommodations and support services provided

    • Specials and electives

    • Online extracurricular activities and events

    Monday - Friday
    7:10 am - 3:10 pm

    School Phone #:   480-541-7000
    School Fax #:  480-541-7010

    EMail:  DigitalAcademy@kyrene.org


    Principal - Dr. Kyle Ross
    Assistant Principal - Kristin Morocco
    Counselor - Jocelyn Cavallo
    Administrative Assistant - Leila Dalton

Elementary Hours

  • 7:30a-2:15p

    Lunch breaks will vary by teacher

Middle School Schedule

Class Start Time End Time
Advisory 7:30a 8:00a
Break 8:00a 8:05a
Period 1 8:05a 8:55a
Break 8:55a 9:00a
Period 2 9:00a 9:50a
Break 9:50a 9:55a
Period 3 9:55a 10:45a
Lunch 10:45a 11:30a
Break 11:30a 11:35a
Period 4 11:35a 12:25p
Break 12:25p 12:30p
Period 5 12:30p 1:20p
Break 1:20p 1:25p
Period 6 1:25p 2:15p