• About Kyrene Digital Academy

    Kyrene School District is excited to announce the all-new Kyrene Digital Academy. Students enrolled in Kyrene Digital Academy will receive live instruction from dedicated Kyrene teachers, using Kyrene curriculum. Kyrene Digital Academy will operate five full days per week and will be open to Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Students will learn from home on a digital learning platform, using a District-issued device, with continuous access to their Kyrene Digital Academy resources, enrichment activities, and events. Like all Kyrene schools, the Digital Academy will offer social-emotional support, accommodations, and support services for unique student needs. Kyrene Digital Academy Principal, Dr. Kyle Ross, is an experienced administrator in digital learning and is excited to provide a high-quality Kyrene school experience in a digital setting. 

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    Kyrene Digital Academy Sample Schedule

    Enrollment Procedures for Kyrene Digital Academy


    Current/Returning Families  

    New Families

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    Kyrene Digital Academy at a Glance

    • Kindergarten–Grade 8

    • 5 Full days per week

    • Enrolled in Kyrene Digital Academy

    • Internet connection required

    • District device provided

    • Live teacher-led instruction and asynchronous learning

    • Class meetings, small groups, and 1-to-1 support

    • Kyrene teachers and curriculum 

    • Social-emotional support

    • Accommodations and support services provided

    • Specials and electives

    • Online extracurricular activities and events

Common Questions

  • What does a day in Kyrene Digital Academy look like?

  • What platform is being used for Kyrene Digital Academy?

  • What electives/specials are offered by Kyrene Digital Academy?

  • Is there be an enrollment cap? What are digital classroom ratios?

  • Does Kyrene Digital Academy offer gifted/advance/high school courses?

  • Are teachers subject-based, or will students always be with same teacher?

  • What training has been provided for teachers to prepare them for Kyrene Digital Academy ?

  • How does Kyrene Digital Academy deliver Special Education services?

  • Are textbooks, workbooks and other print materials available? At what cost?

  • If I enroll in Kyrene Digital Academy, will my child lose their open enrollment spot in our current school?

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