• About Kyrene’s Flex Distance Learning

    Parents seeking flexibility have the opportunity to transition between Flex and in-person learning at scheduled intervals throughout the year. Families may also choose to enter distance learning at a later date. Through continued enrollment at your current school, you will receive newsletters from your principal, advising your family of virtual school events to enable you to stay connected and participating in your home school activities. Read more about the Flex Distance Learning option below. 

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  • Flex Distance at Glance

    • Kindergarten–Grade 8

    • 5 full days per week

    • Enrolled in current Kyrene school

    • Opportunity to transition to in-person class at intervals

    • District devices available

    • Live teacher-led instruction

    • Kyrene teachers and curriculum

    • Social-emotional support

    • Accommodations and support services provided

    • Specials and electives

    • Participate in activities and events with current school

Common Questions

  • What does a day in distance learning look like?

  • What resources are available for internet connectivity?

  • What time does school begin and end for students in Flex?

  • What platform is used for Flex Distance Learning?

  • Does Kyrene provide technology for students in Flex Distance Learning?

  • What school supplies does my child need in Flex Distance Learning (beyond a computer and internet access)?

  • What training was provided to teachers delivering distance learning instruction?

  • Why are there fewer hours of daily live instruction in Flex than in Kyrene Digital Academy?

  • When can I enter and exit distance learning mode?

  • Can we choose Flex Distance Learning and remain at home all year?

  • Will students have the same teacher when moving between in-person and distance modes?

  • How are Special Education services delivered in the distance learning mode?

  • Are textbooks, workbooks and other print materials be provided to students while in distance learning mode?

  • What type of laptops or other technology is best for distance learning?

  • What events can my child participate in, while in distance learning mode?

  • Is there a student:teacher ratio estimate for each class?

Last Modified on February 9, 2021