• Kyrene Safety Measures

    Kyrene School District safety measures and mitigation strategies are based on evolving public health guidance, current Federal and State laws and orders, and Kyrene’s direct experience delivering education in safe environments throughout the pandemic.

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance for schools recommends layered prevention strategies and advises school communities to monitor community transmission, vaccination coverage, outbreaks and other local data to determine when additional layers of prevention should be added.



    Area of Interest

    Mitigation Strategies


    Follow safety measures outlined in the Kyrene Safe Strong Athletics Plan and sports-specific guidance.

    Bus Safety

    Per federal order, face coverings are required for drivers and passengers of school buses, District vehicles and transportation contracted by the District. The U.S. Constitution's Supremacy Clause establishes that federal law takes precedence over state laws.

    Case Counts

    The Kyrene School District COVID-19 case count dashboard is posted to the Kyrene website with current, active counts for all Kyrene schools. 


    Daily cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms, classrooms and touchpoints, using EPA approved Virucide

    Exclusion/Isolation Guidelines (stay home from school/work)

    Students or staff experiencing COVID-like symptoms should remain home for 5 days unless they meet all of the following three conditions:

    • fever-free for 24 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medications)
    • symptoms improving
    • negative COVID test

    Families can find a list of nearby testing sites at kyrene.org/covidtesting

    Please consult Maricopa County’s updated isolation guidance.

    Students remaining home due to illness or a positive COVID test will receive work from teachers to complete at home. Attendance will be recorded upon completion of the work. Technology will be provided, as needed.

    Face Coverings

    Face coverings are required indoors at all schools and district facilities, except while eating or during designated preschool nap times when students are physically distanced.

    Face coverings are required on District transportation, per Federal order.

    The following are exemption criteria for face coverings. Please contact your child's principal if your child qualifies for an exemption.  

    • Any student who has difficulty breathing or who is incapable of physically removing the face covering on his/her own.
    • Any student with a disability that prevents them from safely wearing a face covering or accessing learning while wearing a face covering. 
    • Any student with a medical condition exacerbated by wearing a face covering.
    • Any student with a significant behavioral or mental health condition exacerbated by wearing a face covering.

    Food Services

    Schools will observe social distancing to the extent possible. Alternative locations for lunch may be utilized.

    Curbside meal pickup will continue at the District Office for all students (including KDA)

    Hand Washing

    Students will be required to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol upon arrival at school, before and after meals, and after sneezing, coughing or blowing their noses.

    Students will be encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, after being outside for physical activity and prior to leaving school for home.

    Playground Protocols

    Virex II 256 disinfectant will be used between morning, lunch and afternoon recesses on high touch points such as swings, climbing structures and slides.

    Quarantine and Notifications

    Kyrene regularly consults CDC, Arizona and Maricopa County guidelines for protocols regarding reported cases. Student or staff member cases reported to Kyrene will be addressed on an individual basis, in consultation with the County. Kyrene School District has full time staff devoted to supporting this work. 

    Close contacts may be advised to quarantine, per Maricopa County guidance. Students advised to quarantine must remain home from school for the duration of the quarantine period. Please consult Maricopa County’s updated quarantine guidanceIf quarantined, students will receive work from teachers to complete at home. Attendance will be recorded upon completion of the work. Technology will be provided, as needed.

    Effective January 12, schools will only send notices when Maricopa County identifies an outbreak on a campus.

    School Closures/Limited Exposure Schedules

    School closures are determined by the Maricopa County Department of Public Health. The District or individual schools will return to a 100% virtual learning environment, if a school or District closure is mandated by the State of Arizona or by Maricopa County. In the event of a school closure, students will participate in live, online instruction, led by their teachers. Online attendance will be recorded, and technology will be provided, as needed. 

    Schools may develop limited exposure schedules, if necessary, to mitigate spread in a specific grade level or school. This might include a modified cohort schedule for elementary and a block schedule for middle school. Individual schools will communicate detailed information regarding limited exposure schedules in the event that this strategy is deemed necessary.

    School Health Screenings

    Regardless of vaccination status, any student with signs/symptoms suggestive of COVID-19-like illness (Fever of 100.4° F or higher, chills, cough, difficulty breathing, body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea) will be taken to the health office, and parents will be contacted for pick up. The student will be excluded from school per MCDPH guidelines unless symptoms are confirmed by a doctor’s note to be part of a known condition (such as allergies) or an alternative lab-confirmed illness.

    Shared Belongings

    When possible, students will use individual belongings. Shared materials will be allowed, but regular disinfection will be encouraged.

    Social/Physical Distancing

    Classrooms arranged to maximize distance between students in classrooms, allowing for 3 ft distance when possible. 

    Ventilation Systems

     Portable HEPA Filtration systems in all Kyrene classrooms and health offices refresh air every 35 minutes, clearing 99.97% of particles .3 microns or smaller captured. Air filters changed frequently.


    Visitors and volunteers will be allowed on campus in a limited capacity. Visitors and volunteers may be limited to those with educational purpose or need.

    All visitors and volunteers must follow Kyrene safety measures while on campus. Visitors and volunteers will not be permitted on campus if experiencing COVID-like illness or symptoms.

    Water Fountains

    Fountains and water filling stations are open.

    Students are encouraged to use water bottles, if possible.

Last Modified on January 12, 2022