Middle School Instrumental Enrichment Lessons

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    Note Names Challenge NEW

    Time yourself while naming notes in your clef.



    Family Playlist NEW

    Create a family playlist.

    Instructions and Worksheet

    Key Signatures

    Practice reading and writing key signatures

    Instructions and Worksheet

     Instrument Assembly
    and Care Directions

    Write assembly and care directions for a beginner on your instrument.

    Instructions and Worksheet

    Letter to an Instrumentalist

    Write a Letter to a famous instrumentalist.



    Writing Music Notation

    Learn to write music notation correctly by hand.

    Instructions and Worksheet

    Building Minor Scales

    Use your knowledge of half steps and whole steps to build minor scales.


    Instrumental Bingo

    Choose from several options to finish a row on the Instrumental Bingo Board.


    Concert Planning

    Listen to music examples and plan a concert for your grade level ensemble.


    Building Major Scales

    Use your knowledge of half steps and whole steps to build major scales. 


    Rhythm Composition Challenge 

    Create rhythm patterns using notes and spaces - and perform them!


    Rhythm Chart

    Music Math 

    Use your knowledge of rhythmic values to complete these math challenges.


    Rhythm Rest Reference Chart

    Music Math Game




Last Modified on June 7, 2021