Middle School Theatre Enrichment Lessons

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    Change the Ending NEW

    Rewrite the ending to a favorite TV show, movie, book, play/musical.

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     Broadway Careers Research NEW

    Learn about different careers in the theater world.

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    Career Descriptions

    Villain Misunderstood Monologue

    Pick your favorite villain from fiction and write a monologue explaining “their side” of the story.

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    Create a Dialogue 

    Write a dialogue describing a single moment from your time away from school. This could include: discovering social distancing was easier (or harder/easier) than you imagined, hearing someone sneeze or cough near you, how germs have come into play in a new light in life.

    Directions for Activity 

    Dream Bedroom 

    Students act as the “designer” of a family member or friend’s Dream Bedroom, asking questions and taking notes based on what they want their room to look like. The Designer then designs their partner’s dream bedroom based on the notes.

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    Watch a Play or Musical

    Choose a play from the list. While you are watching it consider: How does the blocking help tell the story? How do the costumes and sets help bring the world of the play to life? Which character is most like you? Why? 

    Directions for Activity

    Create an Object Puppet

    Using different objects you can find around your house to create a puppet. Come up with a character name and voice.

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    Cartoon Voice-Over

    Create dialogue for a cartoon strip or video.

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    Rejected show posters of Hamilton

    Students view rejected show posters for Hamilton. Pick one or a few-- what do you like about them? What do you not like? Would you have picked one of these instead of the one they went with? Why or why not?

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    Create a show poster

    A new play has been written about the global pandemic of 2020. Come up with a name of this play and design a show poster that would make audience members want to attend this play.

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     Costume Challenge

    Choose a character from your favorite book/TV show/movie. Use any supplies you find in your house to create a costume that fits the character.


    Create a Commercial

    Come up with a fictional product (draw it out or build it with objects in your house) and improvise a 30-90 second commercial to advertise it. Make it funnier by creating a ridiculous product that no one would buy. Try to sell it to your family. 





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