• Phase 2 of our Distance Learning plan will be implemented from March 23 through April 9. 

    Learning resources are recommended but not required, and no work should be submitted.


    Teachers will be holding office hours and check-ins starting March 30. The schedule is listed below. 

    Middle School Office Hours

    Monday: 3 - 6 pm

    Tuesday: 8-11 am

    Wednesday: 1-4 pm

    Thursday: 8-11 am


    Zoom is a tool that we will be using for audio/video conferencing. Click HERE for student directions on how to use Zoom. You may also continue to reach me by email-fastest and easiest.

    Below are the links where you will find the recommended instructional materials and guidance about learning at home with grade-level materials. The guidance reflects the maximum time you would be spending on learning activities in a day or week. Times are completely flexible and may be modified or split into multiple sessions. 


    Phase 2 (March 23-27) Online Learning Activities

    Phase 2 (March 30-April 3) Online Learning Activities

    Phase 2 (April 6-10) Online Learning Activities


    Part 1. Skill-Based Practice (approximately 20 minutes per day) - these are the resources linked for Tuesday-Thursday

    Part 2. MyPerspectives Activities (approximately 20-30 minutes per day) - these are the resources linked for Monday

    Students may use resources from the following myPerspectives unit.

    Students may complete the vocabulary activities, read the passage, and do any tasks linked for each week. 

    • 6th Grade: Animal Allies (Essential question: How can animals and people help one another?)

    Part 3. Independent Reading (20 minutes per day) - noted on each day of the week

    Read at least 20 minutes per day. Many local libraries offer digital e-book rentals through the OverDrive app with a city library card.