• Kyrene Curriculum Cadre Information

    What are Curriculum Cadres?

    Curriculum Cadre is a collaborative program for content area teachers to learn new strategies, grow in practice through implementing & reflecting, and spread knowledge to schools. The fundamental purpose of cadre is to build curricular and instructional leadership capacity at both the elementary and middle schools. 


    What Qualities Are Needed in a Curriculum Cadre Teacher Leader?

    Growth mindset, respect amongst peers and a positive attitude are extremely important qualities of this group. Cadre teachers should be willing to implement and try what is learned in their classroom and be reflective about her/his practice. The teacher will support one-on-one meetings, PLCs, and/or staff training.

    Note: For elementary, there will be a cadre member for each content area and grade level band per site (K-2 Math, 3-5 Math, K-2 ELA/SS and 3-5 ELA/SS). For middle school, there will be 1 representative from each content area per site (ELA, Math, SS, Science).


    Why Would a Teacher Want to Commit to Cadre?

    Through this experience, teachers will grow in their own ability to effectively teach core content. Time learning alongside facilitators and other cadre members will deepen practice and content knowledge. This is also a great opportunity to develop leadership skills.

    What is the Cadre Learning Focus?Arrow

    Focus areas for the Cadre will be:

    • Implementation of adopted resources
    • Implementation of high quality instructional routines
    • Deeply understand the rigor of grade level standards and Curriculum Guides and support teams in planning using the Backward Planning process

    Cadre Compensation

    $1000 per school year for approx. 40 hours. Hours are recorded on a log and submitted quarterly. Curriculum Cadres will require two days out of the classroom for training and walkthroughs. After school meetings will occur approximately twice quarterly.  It is preferred and strongly encouraged for cadre members to participate in curriculum committee work (NOTE: compensation for curriculum work completed is above and beyond the cadre PAR).

Last Modified on April 3, 2020