• 2020-21 Kyrene Employee Benefits

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 2020/21 Employee Benefits Open Enrollment FAQ

Eligibility - Enrollment

  • When is the employee benefits open enrollment?

  • Who needs to enroll online in iVisions during the employee benefits open enrollment?

  • Where is the online employee benefits enrollment located?

  • What do I do if I cannot remember my iVisions log in and password?

  • What assistance is available if I have questions during open enrollment?

  • What happens if I do not complete the online enrollment during the window?

Medical Plan Questions

  • How do I find a Choice in network medical plan provider?

  • If I choose the HDHP HSA medical plan, is there a monthly fee for the HSA bank account?

  • If I choose the HDHP HSA medical plan, do I need to maintain a balance in my HSA bank account?

  • What is an HDHP HSA in-network only plan?

  • What is an EPO in-network only plan?

  • What is an in-network only medical plan?

  • Are any out of network doctors or facilities covered under the insurance?

  • What is my cost if I choose to go to a provider who is not in the Choice network?

  • On the HDHP HSA medical plan, will there still be a preventive free drug list?

  • Will I receive a new medical insurance cards?

  • What is an out of pocket maximum?

2020/21 Medical Plan Changes

  • 1) Why is the district increasing costs to employees for health insurance?

  • 2) What is the KEBT reserve trust fund?

  • 3) Will the increased cost for benefits outweigh the salary increase an employee gets from the district?

  • 4) Is the District helping to cover the increased medical costs?

  • 5) Is there still a free medical plan for employees?

  • 6) Will the plan design/benefits coverage on the free plan change?

  • 7) If an employee chooses the HDHP Medical Plan, will the District still contribute to the HSA?

  • 8) Will there still be a PPO Medical plan?

  • 9) Can employees still see an out-of-network provider in 2020-21?

  • 10) Are there any exceptions which would cover out-of-network services or providers?

  • 11) Will these changes fix the fund imbalance and rebuild the reserve?

  • 12) Are our health plan costs similar to those of other school districts?

  • 13) Will costs continue to rise for employee health insurance premiums in future years?

Last Modified on November 19, 2020