• Please note that the agenda is subject to change. Please refer to Google Classroom for the most up-to-date information and more details.


    • 1/27
      • Mrs. De Klyen out for training--students should please be on their very best behavior for their guest teacher and instructional assistants!
      • "Democracy in Ancient Greece - Scavenger Hunt" activity
      • Finish Peloponnesian War letter assignment with any time left
    • 1/28
      • Peloponnesian War letter due
      • Missing parent signatures not in as of today = lunch detention
      • Interim practice (writing prompt for declarations of rights) - due by end of class
    • 1/29
      • Go over interim practice
      • Finish/go over "Democracy in Ancient Greece"
    • 1/30
      • "Democracy in Ancient Greece - Scavenger Hunt" due
      • Interim assessment 3 - in 6th grade computer lab
    • 1/31
      • Finish interim assessment (as needed)
      • Start unit 4 timeline (except 6th period)

    (Edited 1/31/20, 5:05 pm to accurately reflect what was done on Friday) 

    As of 1/31, 19 calendar days until World Cultures project is due!