• 7th Grade: HAIKU Documents

    Click here to go to the Haiku Contest webpage: HAIKU CONTEST

    Scroll down to click on the PDF document called Reference Guide and Lesson to review the structure  and style of a HAIKU.

    We will be submitting our HAIKUS at school, NOT from home. 



    1.Check all assertions you make and verify that you have evidence to back them up

    2.Cite or give credit to sources used for evidence

    3.Sentence structure should be varied with complex, compound, and simple sentences

    4.Word choice- synonyms are our friends, exchange phrases for one powerful word

    5.Removal of superfluous words such as: that, really, very

    6.Make sure your intro grabs you and the reader immediately

    7.Make sure you have a fabulous title


    To create a Works Cited page, or to cite your source in the body of your document, visit this website for all your needs:

    Citing Your Sources



    1.Check spelling

    2.Check all proper nouns for capitalization

    3.Insert commas after introductory phrases

    4.Delete unnecessary commas

    5.Use quotation marks and underlining correctly

    6.Paragraphs should be indented



    If you need to revisit the Holocaust Commission's Website for competition information, go here: Holocaust Commission Website