• Practice and game schedules vary per school. In the event that a team or school is impacted by COVID-19, a game or meet may need to change locations or be cancelled and is not likely to be able to be rescheduled. Schedules and the format of practices or games may need to be adjusted mid-season if there is a shift in the level of community spread. Please be mindful of these possibilities upon registration, we will not be able to issue refunds for athletics participation fees as they are most commonly paid through non-refundable tax credits.

    Participation Payment Agreement 


    • Participation/Fee Agreement Participation and Fees: Please sign below indicating you have read and agree to abide by these terms and conditions listed in the participation agreement. Questions regarding this agreement should directed to your school’s athletic director. Program Guidelines and Kyrene Family Handbook (pgs. 10-13) can be viewed online at www.kyrene.org/athletics
    • • I understand that there will be NO refunds once a fee is paid
    • • A refund CANNOT be issued if: o The athlete quits or is suspended from the team o The athlete becomes ineligible due to grades or behavior
    • • I understand that athlete playing time will be determined by the coach, and is based on attendance, practice participation, effort, attitude, behavior, sportsmanship and the number of participants.
    • • All financial assistance applications must be turned in before tryouts begin.
    • • In order to participate in athletics or to qualify for financial assistance your Community Education account must reflect a zero balance.
    • • I understand that my athlete will not be allowed to participate in practice or games until all fees are paid.
    • • I understand that returned checks, and declined credit card payments will result in a $15 insufficient funds fee. Failure to respond promptly to this matter may result in an administrative withdrawal from this and/or other Community Education Program.
    • • I understand that photo permission for students is addressed in the Kyrene Family handbook. I have read and initialed the statements when completing the online registration process. By doing so, I agreed to abide by these terms and conditions. I understand that the Kyrene Athletic Program is a pay to participate program. Therefore, I agree to pay for my child’s athletic participation fee when due. Failure to do so may result in the athlete losing his/her spot on the team and/or a late fee being assessed to the account. Payment Information: Cut-Sports - Payment is due before the first practice, and after the athlete has made the team Non - Cut Sport - Payment is due by the second practice Cheer - Payment is due on or before the first practice Note: Financial Assistance Applications are available at your request and must be submitted before try-out sessions begin.
    • • Payments cannot be accepted at your school. Payments can be made online https://az-kyrene.intouchreceipting.com/ or in person at the Kyrene District office or by calling customer service  480-541-1500.
    • • All athletic participation fees qualify as an Arizona Tax Credit, tax credit receipts are mailed out in January for donations made the previous year. Your tax credit donation must specify Kyrene Athletics at the time of tax credit donation in order to apply the amount to your child’s sport. If you want your tax credit donation to apply to both athletics and your child’s school, you will need to make two separate donations.
    • • No refunds will be issued once a fee has been paid (see Athletic Participation Fee Agreement), tax credits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Kyrene School District Athletic Program 2
    • • In order to participate, your Kyrene Athletic account must reflect a zero balance.
    • • Returned checks or declined credit cards will be assessed a $15 non-sufficient funds fee and the student may be required to drop the team if the current outstanding balance is not paid immediately.
    • • Registration and online payment information can be found at https://www.kyrene.org/domain/540 You can make an online payment. https://az-kyrene.intouchreceipting.com/  All required paperwork must be completed and turned in to the school prior to try-outs or practice. Payment of a sport does not guarantee your child a spot on the team. The athlete must comply with all requirements posted by their home school and team. In addition, participation fees must be paid in full by the specified dates at the top of this form in order for the athlete to remain on the team. Athletes who have not paid fees will not be able to participate in practice or games.
    • Participation Fees Fall Winter Spring Cross Country $110 Wrestling $110 Track & Field $110 Boys Soccer $150 Boys Basketball $150 Boys Baseball $150 Girls Volleyball $150 Girls Soccer $150 Girls Basketball $150 Girls Softball $150 Cheer $90
Last Modified on May 27, 2022