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    Kyrene has 26 Schools in Phoenix, Chandler and Tempe.

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    Kyrene is unquestionably one of the finest school districts in the state. It is our job to help students grow intellectually, emotionally and socially while instilling the habits of mind and mastery of skills they’ll need to be successful in life.


    - Dr. Jan Vesely, Kyrene Superintendent


  • Preschool Children in Class

     Pre-K and Kindergarten


    Preschool is a great way to jump start learning and help prepare students for future success.

    Kyrene has a preschool on every elementary school campus. 

    Preschool programs are offered before, during, and after school hours, for flexible scheduling.

    For more information, visit Kyrene.org/preschool


    Kyrene offers an engaging and interactive curriculum that ensures children receive the individualized attention.

    Students learn foundational skills for lifelong learning. Programs are tuition-free, full-day (with half-day options).

    For more information, visit Kyrene.org/kindergarten