Happy Thanksgiving, Mariposa Families!

     This year, our health and the quality time we spend with loved ones have been more important than ever. I have always loved the Turkey Trot because of its emphasis on these values. While this year, our Annual Turkey Trot will look different, we are excited to provide all families with opportunities to participate at your own time and place!  


    During In-Person Physical Education, students will participate in a mini-trot with their class. We will run/walk on campus and enjoy fruit snacks after. Students will earn a Turkey Toe Token during class if they are present during this mini-trot!

    During Flex Physical Education, students will challenge themselves to run/walk for 5 minutes without stopping. They are welcome to bring a healthy snack for after as we share what we are thankful for. Students will earn a Turkey Toe Token if they are participating during this mini-trot. (Pick up the token at east drop-off lot Dec. 1st or 2nd from 2:00-3:30).


    I want to encourage all families to have your own Trot during Thanksgiving Break. Whether you are running, walking, or biking - getting outside and being active is the goal! Here are some tips for your Family Trot:

    • Go to a local park (such as Harelson, Hanger, Kiwanis, or Desert Breeze) and run/walk a loop or two!
    • Stay safe by wearing tennis shoes and bringing water!
    • Design a family sign/banner and write down what you are thankful for. Take a picture with it, and keep it for a new tradition!


    If your family participates in a Family Trot, your child will receive a Pumpkin Toe Token in addition to the Turkey Toe Token! Fill out the following form to ensure that your child receives their Pumpkin. Have a great Thanksgiving! Remember, “Pace, don’t Race!”


    Mrs. Maack-Aguinaga

    Physical Education




    Family Turkey Trot 2020


    Thank you for participating! To ensure that your children receive their Pumpkin Toe Token, please email this information to Mrs. Maack-Aguinaga at jcmaack@kyrene.org

    Pick up your Pumpkin toe token between 2:00-3:30 on Tuesday, December 1st or Wednesday, December 2nd. I will have a table set up at the east drop-off parking lot, please stop by!


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    How many minutes/miles/steps did you Trot? (Optional - If information is available)

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