• Third and Fourth Hour Extra Credit

    Students in my third and fourth hour class can earn extra credit by completing No Red Ink assignments online. The amount of extra credit will be determined based on how many assignments are completed, as well as how students score on their assignments. This can be done at home, but also can be done in class when students have free time in the computer lab. This would be either after tests or assignments in the lab have been completed. Students have assignments in their No Red Ink Accounts waiting. All assignments contain grammar practice exercises that cover content students should have learned before seventh grade. No Red Ink also offers online tutorials when students struggle with concepts.

    In order to access No Red Ink, students must do the following:

    1. Go to https://www.noredink.com/signup
    2. Select “I am a student.”
    3. Enter the correct class code.
      1. Third Hour Class Code - freezing poster66
      2. Fourth Hour Class Code -striped flower 73