• This quarter we have been reading the amazing book A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. It tells the true story of a young man, Salva Dut, how he escaped the civil war in South Sudan, and how he eventually came to America as one of the "Lost Boys of Sudan." Salva is in his 30's now and has returned to South Sudan many, many times in order to help his people. He knows first hand the need for fresh water in South Sudan and has organized a water campaign called "Water for South Sudan."

    You see, in South Sudan, millions of women and children trek for up to eight hours a day to collect water from marshes, ditches, or hand-dug wells where the water is often contaminated with parasites and bacteria. The results of the people drinking this water often leads to sickness, even death. We want to help the people in South Sudan by participating in the Altadena Water Walk and collecting donations for Water in South Sudan. The 7th graders will carry two gallons of water while walking around the school during their ELA class on October 2nd to gain experience and empathy as global citizens.

    How you can help?

    1. Donate gallon water jugs! The 7th graders will carry two gallons of water while walking around the track, raising money for each lap they walk. Please rinse out the jugs and bring them off to rooms 209, 214, or 215.
    2. Donate money for your child's walk. All donations will help build wells in South Sudan. You can donate money by clicking on the link below!  

    Thank you for your support!

    Link to donate here

    Link to informational slideshow here