• Step It Up FAQ's

    In September, Aprende Middle School will be partnering with Step It Up as our major fundraiser for this school year.  Students will probably come home with lots excitement and enthusiasm - and questions!  Hopefully we can answer those questions here for you (it's long, but should answer most of your questions!):


    Why are we doing a Fall Fundraiser / where is the money going?
    Money raised for through the Step It Up programwill support several needs here at Aprende, in priority order:

    • 10% of all money raised will be given directly to the teachers to spend on classroom expenses.
    • The PTSO supports programs including PBIS, the WEB Leaders, and other programs run by the school administration
    • Teacher appreciation is funded through the PTSO, including staff meeting snacks, the staff holiday party, and regular small gifts to support our well-deserving staff
    • New equipment, including playground balls, and items needed for the garden
    • We are working with Principal Kory to identify materials / curriculum purchases needed for the 2019/2020 school year 

    Of course, all of this depends on the total raised by the Step It Up Fundraiser.

    Why did we choose to do a Step It Up Fundraiser?

    Our PTSO has diligently evaluated several fundraising options and the Step It Up program has been in the works for over an year.  From the time of its introduction, it was presented and discussed at three PTSO meetings, voted on by the Board, and approved by the Aprende Administration.  There are multiple other elementary and middle schools in the Kyrene School District currently running this fundraiser, all with great results and reviews.


    How does this work / what's happening each day at school?

    The Step It Up team will kick off the activities with a pep rally on Tuesday, September 3 to introduce the team, the program, and the activities for the next two weeks.

    Then, on October 3, at the conclusion of the program, Step It Up brings in fun inflatables, obstacles, and hosts a fun event for the kids to celebrate their success.

    How much does Step It Up get of our fundraising?

    Step It Up receives 20% of the money fundraised.  An additional 30% covers the prizes that are distributed to the students as part of the program.  

    While this may seem like a lot, keep in mind that all of the fundraising options we mentioned above retain at least 50% (most keep more) of our fundraising dollars.  Step It Up's percentages are very reasonable after reviewing our alternatives.

    Of the 50% we keep at Aprende, 10% will go straight back to the teachers to purchase classroom supplies / items. The remaining money will be used for to support various school needs as mentioned above.


    Couldn't we do this ourselves, without Step It Up?

    Wouldn't that be great?  Unfortunately, we just don't have the volunteers to pull off a large scaleprogram like this.  One of the aspects of Step It Up that we appreciate is the daily time and effort they put into this two week program; it's more than just a money collection exercise; it's a great program.  We just don't have the volunteer manpower to match what Step It Up does.

    Can I just give money directly to Aprende?

    Once the fundraiser has concluded, if you feel compelled to donate directly, we gratefully welcome any and all donations.  Please note that donations outside of the fundraiser do not qualify for the prizes under the Step It Up program.

    Is Step It Up teaching our kids to hard-sell?
    Step It Up makes this event fun and gets the kids jazzed up to learn great lessons. I personally appreciate how my kids practice their abilities to articulate what they are doing to raise money for our school. 


    Have other schools done this?

    Several other Kyrene schools have done the Step It Up program, and we've relied on them to provide us with feedback / input.  For some schools, this is their second or third year doing the program and they fully intend to do it again next year.  It's been an extremely successful fundraiser for the Kyrene middle schools that have participated.


    I still have questions!

    We would be happy to hear from you.  Please feel free to reach out directly to our President, Tammy McCullagh, at president@aprendeptso.org.  We welcome your questions, feedback, and ideas!

Last Modified on September 6, 2019