• Junior Varsity Ladies Soccer Team 

     Thank you all for trying-out. The numbers have been calculated and the top 19 are listed below.


    • If you did not make the team, and would like specific feedback, please see Coach Mormillo or myself next week. Do not email!


    • If you DID make the team, please read the information below the numbers along with your parents or guardians. 


    Junior Varsity Ladies Soccer Team



    20   21   23   25    27   28   29   

    30   31   32   33    35   36   37   39   41   42   43   44   


    Dear Parents/Guardians/Athletes,

    First, we would like to congratulate your daughter for making the Altadena Soccer Team. Soccer has a rich tradition at Altadena and we look forward to your daughter being a part of that. Now that you made the team it is vital that you or your parents/guardians go online to the Kyrene website this weekend and make the athletic payment, so that we may issue your jersey before our first game. *PLEASE SELECT ALTADENA WHEN ENROLLING!!!

    There will be a parent meeting on Tuesday (11-19) at 5:00 on the soccer field. The meeting should last about 15 minutes and will go over some of the basics. Please plan on attending. I know its short notice so thank you in advance. If you have any questions, please ask them on Tuesday so we can give you the most up-to-date information.

    Coach Mormillo and myself look forward to working with the team this season!