• Hey parents and students!

    Here are some important things to know about for the coming week and current quarter.

    Math Symbols     Students should be working on Mathia as often as they can. This can be accessed on the Student Educational Resources page. Be sure to read the "At home directions" before attempting to log in at home. All of the first (the Pre-launch Protocol doesn't count) module needs to be completed by the end of the day on Thursday 10/3. Just a reminder, Mathia goes in as a test grade!


    Math Symbols     Our third test is on Thursday 9/26 about Proportional Relationships. The answers to the practice test can be found below in the "Class Notes" section. The interim for the 1st quarter will be taking place the following day on 9/27. 


    Math Symbols     In order for students to retake a test, they will need to complete test corrections either on the test (using a pen or marker) or on a seperate sheet of paper. They will need to fix the problems they lost points on (the question # is circled) and explain why they got that question wrong. They will need to attend a tutoring session with either me or one of the other 7th grade math teachers. They then need to schedule a time with me to retake it before the last day of retakes (1 week from the day I pass the graded test back).


    Math Symbols     Tutoring is offered every Monday, both before and after school. If you are attending the morning session, it starts at 7:35 AM and you will need a pass from me to attend. Afternoon session students will be done by 4:10 PM.