• Chorus Calendar

    Please be sure to stay up to date for tests, homework assignments, and other info on our Chorus Calendar.


    Tomorrow, your student will come home with information about the “Yankee Candle Fundraiser”. This fundraiser is meant to support the Performing Arts programs. If your student is attending the California Trip, the profits (40%) from your student’s sales will go directly to their trip balance. The information sent home will include everything you need to know about the fundraiser. Did we mention it is entirely ONLINE? All sales will be made online and the products will be mailed directly to the address of your choosing.

    Once the information comes home, please direct any questions to me at ecolombe@kyrene.org.

    Thank you and happy fundraising!

    Frozen Auditions

    I'd like to share with you a few opportunities in Theater at CMS. Next week, we are holding auditions for our Spring musical, "Frozen Jr"! All students at CMS are invited to audition if they'd like. Students who audition will sing a section of a song from Frozen, learn a short dance and perform a reading from the play.

    If your student is not wanting to be "on stage" but still wants to be involved- they can join me after the New Year to be a crew member: helping with sets, costumes, props, etc. 

    I hope your student will consider this fun opportunity on campus to express their creative side, make new friends and learn the importance of hard work and the ability to be in front of an audience! More info can be found here: https://www.kyrene.org/Page/51599

    Winter Concert

    WHO: All Choirs

    WHEN: Tuesday, December 17th

    CALL TIME: 5:30pm (this is when you need to be at MPHS)

    CONCERT TIME: 6:30pm

    WHERE: Mountain Pointe High School Auditorium

    4201 E Knox Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85044


    The chorus uniform for all classes is:

    •            Polo shirt (Intermediate and Advanced) or T-Shirt (6th Grade ONLY)

    •            Jeans, black pants, khaki pants (no distressed items/holes, NO jeggings or leggings). Skirts that hit below the knees is also OK.

    •            Close Toed Shoes (neutral colors ONLY – black, white, grey, brown… as long as it’s not bright/distracting.)

    •            Hair should be out of the face, no hair bows/sparkly headbands/etc

    Any questions? Please email at ecolombe@kyrene.org

    *Failure to arrive in the proper uniform may result in you NOT performing. This will affect your concert grade.

    **IF AQCUIRING UNIFORM items is a financial hardship for your family… PLEASE talk with me. I will be sure you have the items you need.


    CONCERT GRADING is based on attendance, appropriate and respectful participation, and a post-concert reflection. Students who are going to miss a concert are required to let me know as soon as they are able. Missed concerts without prior notice will only be excused in the face of an emergency with proper documentation. Further questions can be directed toward me on a case to case basis. When in doubt, please call or e-mail and I can work with you to make sure that a grade is not lost due to miscommunication. Students with excused absences will be allowed to make up points at a later date. Students who receive unexcused absences may make up points for up to 50% credit and may not receive full credit for the concert. Students who missed the concert with an unexcused absence will still be required to complete the post-concert evaluation for full credit.


    Thank you and let me know if you have any questions!

    Updated on 11/21/19