• Grading Scale

    90 - 100% = A
    80 - 89% = B
    70 - 79% = C
    60 - 69% = D
      0 - 59% = F

    Grade Weighting

    80% = Assessments (Performances/Concerts/Assessments)
    20% = Practice(Daily Participation/Assignments)

    Posting of Student Grades

    Grades will be posted on StudentVue/PartentVue regularly. Please check student grades there on a regular basis. 

    Make-up work

    All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom and can completed for full credit prior to the last week of the quarter. Please check GC for any missed assignments. 

    Choir Concert Make-up work (not applicable for Music Exploration)

    • Concerts are a required part of choir.
    • Concert absences must be excused in advance, with the exception of illness.
    • If a student must miss a performance, the student must contact Mrs. V as soon as possible to arrange an alternate assignment for the concert grade.
    • All concert make-up work is due within one week of the concert.