• Welcome to Refocus!

    This is an opportunity to reflect on how decisions you make in  your classroom can impact the teacher’s ability to teach, your ability to learn, and other’s ability to learn.

    Refocus Directions:

    1. Take a laptop from your current’s teacher’s LSU.
    2. You, the laptop, and your Refocus Pass will go to the assigned classroom.
    3. Enter the Refocus Buddy Room respectfully and take a seat at the Refocus desk.
    4. Sign in to the laptop.
    5. Open Google Chrome.
    6. Go to Kyrene.org → Schools → Centennial Middle School → Classrooms → Your Teacher (listed under Performing Arts)
    7. Click on the sidebar that says ‘Refocus’
    8. Click on the Google Form.
      1. You may need to sign in with your ######@myksd.org and password
    9. Fill out the form.
    10. When done, DO NOT SUBMIT. Raise your hand, and the teacher you are visiting will review your form for completion.
    11. Submit the form, log off the computer, and respectfully return to class.

    Please follow this link and fill out the Refocus Reflection Form: https://forms.gle/5HZcBrYRD5kMnBvRA