Class Information / Resources


    Absence Policy

    • If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to check the Class Calendar to see what was covered in class and to complete all missed work.  All handouts can be accessed from the Class Calendar or obtained from the Handout Crate in class.  Being absent is not an excuse to not make up the work.  If you have questions, you are always welcome to e-mail me. :)


    Carnegie Learning and MATHia Access



    • Students will typically be given their weekly homework packet on Monday and will submit it on Friday.  Problems within the packet will be typically assigned on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and checked the subsequent day.  At that time, they will receive two stamps if most problems are complete, one stamp if about half of the problems are complete, and no stamp if nearly incomplete or not attempted.  Students will then be given time to ask questions and make corrections on that day's assigned problems (with a colored pen or pencil). 
    • Collected packets will be scored out of 12 points, as follows:
      • Up to 4 points for each day problems are assigned (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)
        • Up to 2 points for completion (based on number of stamps)
        • Up to 2 points for corrections 
    • NOTE: Since homework will be reviewed each day, students are not allowed to submit late homework (unless absent).


    Office Hours

    • Students are encouraged to come to Office Hours if they have any questions (homework, upcoming assessments, MATHia, etc.).  Office Hours will be on Thursday mornings at 7:40 AM in Room C3.  Passes are available here to be printed or in the classroom.  They are always good to keep handy for last-minute questions!
    • NOTE: If you are unable to attend Office Hours, please let me know and we can arrange for another time. :)



    • In order to ensure success, all students are expected to come prepared with the following materials each day:
      • Calculator (scientific or graphing)
        • NOTE: Scientific calculators are available for $1.00 at Dollar Tree.  Click here for the specific model that is available.
      • Colored pens or pencils
      • Two composition notebooks (one per quarter for Cornell Notes / classwork)
      • Two-pocket folder (preferably plastic, as it is more durable), containing the following:
        • Homework Packet
        • Warm-Up / Exit Ticket for the week
      • Pencils and erasers 
    • NOTE: For every two times a student is unprepared for class, he / she will serve a lunch detention.  


    Test Corrections

    • Students have the opportunity to earn half-credit back for all points missed on tests.  Corrections will be accepted UP TO one week after the test is handed back.  To receive credit, students must make all corrections on the Test Corrections Form and staple it to the test.  Corrections will NOT be accepted if the original test is not attached.


    Warm-Up / Exit Tickets

    • Typically, students will have a Warm-Up at the onset of class and an Exit Ticket at the conclusion of class.  These problems are meant to review previous material and to check for understanding.  All Warm-Up and Exit Ticket problems will be done on the Warm-Up / Exit Ticket Template here.


    Weekly Quizzes

    • Students will typically have a Weekly Quiz each Thursday (consisting of problems similar to those on the homework, Warm-Up, and / or Exit Ticket) and will be allowed to use their homework packet, Warm-Ups, and Exit Tickets for the Weekly Quiz.  Therefore, it is important that students complete all work and make all corrections! :)
    • NOTE: Students will not have the opportunity to make corrections on Weekly Quizzes (as they are open-note and utilize student-corrected work).