• On this page you will find the class theory, syllabus overview, class supply list, and other important information.

    Class Theory

    Students will be learning about the real-world applications of the skills and principles mastered in their core classes. Class will include inquiry-based lessons where students participate in hands-on learning activities that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills. A mixture of traditional lessons that are prescriptive in nature as well as lessons where students are given information socratically to drive their own learning in order to solve problems with guidance and monitoring through teacher facilitation. Some activities will be completed individually, while others will be completed in teams as they often would be in the real world.


    Units of Study

    • Foundations of Engineering and The Engineering approach to problem solving
    • The Engineering Design Process
    • Technical Writing/Drawing, Blueprints, and CAD
    • Mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing/Assembly Principles
    • 3D Printing – Uses, Printer Design, History of 3D Printing
    • Aviation – Foundations of Flight and Aerodynamics
    • Rocketry – Rocket Design and the History of Space Exploration
    • Robotics – Design, Manufacture, and Usage
    • Architectural structures – Bridges and Skyscrapers


    Excite - Explore - Explain - Expand - Evaluate


    STEM Class Supply List

    Beyond the normal things that you will likely already have for your other classes such as pens, pencils, erasers, scissors, colored pencils/markers, and a ruler, please come to STEM class with:

    • Composition notebook - quad ruled (like graphing paper) would be best
    • Folder for handouts and worksheets (a space in a larger accordion folder is fine)
    • Roll of masking tape (nothing fancy, just a standard beige or blue 1-inch roll)
    • Glue stick

    Classroom Donations

    I have provided all the tools and equipment (such as 3D printers) that we will be using in STEM class.  We will need various consumable materials for various projects throughout the year. This is a link to an Amazon wishlist that will allow you to donate some much needed items to our class and they will be shipped directly to the school. Thank you for your kind patronage.