• Materials List

    Ms. Ramseyer | English Language Arts (ELA) | 6th & 7th Grade Classes

    blue line

    One binder (1 to 1 ½ inch) with 8 divider tabs

    · This binder will be left in the ELA classroom and only used for ELA

    Pocket folder

    · For work to travel to/from school and home

    Lined notebook paper

    · For community use at school and for home use

    Pens (black or blue only!) or sharpened pencils 

    · Colored Pencils optional

    · Glue Sticks optional


    · Pink, yellow, green, and blue—we use these specific colors for writing purposes

    An independent reading book 

    · Students are always required to have a silent reading book in their backpacks  for use in any class throughout the day

    A large box of tissues

    · This will be used for an assignment next week!


    · Provided by the school - students should bring every day to all classes

    · To record assignments, projects, and important dates