• Math 7b/8 Compact Curriculum Map


    Module and Topic

    Quarter 1:


    Reasoning Algebraically

    ·       Algebraic Expressions

    ·       Two-Step Equations and Inequalities

    Analyzing Populations and Probabilities

    ·       Introduction to Probability

    Quarter 2:


    Analyzing Populations and Probabilities (cont.)

    ·       Compound Probability

    ·       Drawing Inferences

    Transforming Geometric Objects

    ·       Rigid Motion Transformations

    ·       Similarity

    ·       Line and Angle Relationships

    Quarter 3:

    Developing Function Foundations

    ·       From Proportions to Linear Relationships

    ·       Linear Relationships

    ·       Introduction to Functions

    ·       Patterns in Bivariate Data

    Quarter 4:

    Modeling Linear Equations

    ·       Solving Linear Equations

    ·       Systems of Linear Equations

    ·       Compound Probability  

    Expanding the Number System

    ·       The Real Number System

    ·       Pythagorean Theorem

    Applying Powers

    ·       Exponents and Scientific Notation

    ·       Volume of Curved Figures