• Choir Classroom Rules/Expectations

    Our main goal in choir is to learn about music and singing. Any behavior that distracts from or interferes with this learning will not be permitted. The expectations and consequences of this class are aligned with the school-wide behavior plan (PBIS).



    ·         PRIDE= Positive Participation. Students are expected to participate in all classroom activities, especially singing! A student needing to be excused from classroom activities should have a written note from a parent or should talk to the teacher before class begins.

    ·         RESPECT= Respectful behavior towards the teacher, fellow students, and equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, listening (not talking) when others are talking, using appropriate language, following directions, and asking permission to use materials or be out of your seat.

    ·         RESPONSIBILITY= Responsibility for being prepared and on task. Students should have all the required materials each day in class. Students should have these materials out and ready at the beginning of class.



    WARNINGS will be given for disruptive behaviors such as talking, calling out, making noises, clowning around, singing when they are to be listening, getting out of their seat without permission, etc. Students will also be given warnings for not participating in class!

    1. 1st Warning= Verbal reminder.

    2. 2nd Warning= In-class time-out. Students will sit separate from the class and complete a refocus sheet. Student will lose participation point for the day.

    3. 3rd Warning= ISI and written referral. Students will lose particpation point for the day.


    Behavior warnings will result in a loss of grade points. Continued warnings may result in being withdrawn from the class. Any warning, after the first, will be communicated to the parent of the student by the teacher.