• Dear students and parents or guardians,

    Hello, my name is Mr. Anderson and your child has been placed in my 6th grade social studies class this year.
    I am an Arizonan native, having lived here my entire life, having gone to Kyrene schools growing up. I
    am a first year teacher, having just graduated from Arizona State University’s Teachers
    College. My mission throughout the year is to provide a safe and encouraging environment for all of my
    students so that we may explore the many different cultures throughout history.

    My expectations for my class this year are to provide a safe and respectful environment so that all
    students are able to learn. Respect is incredibly important to me, not only from students to teachers and
    students to student, but from students to the content we will be learning about. History is very often
    uncomfortable, and to learn about it students must keep in mind that history did not happen to no one,
    it happened to people. Because of my respect for the content, and the respect I hope to instill in your
    child, I hold each student accountable for their attitude and actions while in my class.

    I look forward to having your child in my class as my first year of teaching, and I hope that they make a
    positive impression on me, as I hope I make a positive impression on them. If you ever need to get into
    contact with me, my information is below.

    John Anderson

    Room A2

    (480) 541-6902