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     Ms. Holmesley Office hours or tutoring:  After School on Fridays, 3:15-4:15 in room #208.


    Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to your new school year!  I am very excited about being your science teacher and I am looking forward to getting to know you.  I want this to be a fun and worthwhile learning experience for you!  Here is some of the information that you will need to know for the year.  In addition, please review the "Meet the Teacher Night" powerpoint that can be found on my links page.




    Standard Curve; 80% Assessments; 20% Class work & Homework Assignments; and Grading Scales

    Assessments include quizzes, tests, lab reports, and projects.


    Late Work Policy

    Late work is accepted up to the day of the test for that unit only.   
    NOTE:  STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OBTAINING WORK AND INFORMATION MISSED AFTER ANY ABSENCE!  Please note:  my web site has current assignments listed and is updated for the following week on Fridays through the Kyrene portal:  https://www.kyrene.org/ksdportal/   Go to schools, choose Aprende, go to school web page, choose 7th grade, and choose Ms. Holmesley. 



    The maximum amount of homework will be 2-3 assignments per week.     


    Supplies: Please see attatched list on links page.



    Listen to and follow all directions

    Respect others, their property and the learning environment

    Follow school rules & procedures

    No food, gum, or drinks in class, and water bottles are to be kept inside backpacks

    Keep hands and feet to yourself


    Bathroom Passes

    Students will be allowed to use up to 3 bathroom/drinking fountain passes per quarter, (no exceptions), unless a written medical excuse is provided by the parent.  All students must sign out before leaving the room for any reason. 


    Tardy & Behavior Consequences

    Warning, Parent Contact, ISI/ASD, Behavior Referral