• Running for an Elected Office

    There are five elected offices in our chapter. 

    All officers: Work closely with the advisers to organize and plan events; oversee membership; attend events, officer meetings, and monthly membership meetings; communicate with members, and various other duties.

    President: Oversee chapter events, run meetings, be familiar with bylaws, prepare meeting agenda with the advisers.

    Vice President: Coordinate and monitor group service projects, maintain records/paperwork for service projects

    Secretary: Maintain and record members’ hours, record meeting minutes, maintain and organize Sign-Up Genius for all events.

    Treasurer: Maintain and organize financial records and attendance records, collect member dues, update attendance records.

    Parliamentarian: Oversee chapter bylaws and ensure every event is done ethically and to NJHS standards, maintain and organize Sign-Up Genius for all events.

    Members interested in running for an office must submit an “Intent to Run” form (see the forms page) and make a small presentation to the chapter. 

Last Modified on June 11, 2022