United As One

  • Centennial Middle School will be holding an event at the end of the school year entitled United As One.  Our goal is to showcase the diverse population we have on campus, learn about different cultures, and celebrate ALL students coming together as "one" to make CMS the awesome campus that it is!

    We will need helping hands to put this together.

    The idea is for each culture featured to have a table set up with an activity the students can do with a "takeaway" item or idea. (i.e.: how to say hello in a new language, a craft they can put together quickly, a cance move that is popular in the particular culture, a short song they can learn, etc.)

    We want this to be a celebratory event so think FUN when you are exploring ideas.

  • If you are at all interested in contributing time or ideas for a booth celebrating your family’s culture or one that your student may be interested in please send an email to Mrs. Stephanie Martin, CMS Social Worker, at smartin@kyrene.org or call 480-541-6400 by April 18th.

    If you are in any way willing to give a little (or a bunch) to putting an event together for our kids to show CMS’ pride for its diverse culture please join us for this event.

    All students were surveyed and stated the following cultures were the ones they were most interested in. As you can see the students are eager to learn.  If you have any ideas on how to showcase these (or any other group) please reach out to Mrs. Martin ASAP!

    • African
    • Mexican
    • German
    • Jamaican
    • Philippine
    • Irish
    • African-American
    • Hawaiian
    • Native American (namely Navajo)
    • Italian
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Puerto Rican
Last Modified on April 7, 2019