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    Empowering Educators


    Empowering District and school leaders to create an equitable, inclusive and just system to enable every student to achieve their life dreams. We will relentlessly pursue this goal through transformational leadership and teaching to maximize the outcomes for all learners in our RISE UP schools.


    Innovate, and

    Strengthen the educational environment, instructional practices and school-based systems in order to

    Elevate the possibilities of educators to

    Unleash the potential of student scholars and

    Propel student scholars towards their destiny.

     Teacher showing student a computer lesson.

    As part of Kyrene School District’s unwavering commitment to its vision that all students achieve at their maximum potential to become problem-solvers, creators, and visionaries of tomorrow, the District has identified five schools to receive additional support and resources in order to close achievement gaps and transform the lives of students.

    Those transformation schools are:

    • Kyrene de la Colina
    • Kyrene de la Esperanza 
    • Kyrene de las Lomas
    • Kyrene del Milenio
    • Kyrene de los Niños
    • Kyrene Akimel A-al Middle School
    • Centennial Middle School
    • Kyrene Middle School


    Our Kyrene Governing Board has approved a partnership between the University of Virginia Darden School and these schools. Though the program has ended, the key principles remain: using a systemic approach and district ownership for success, school leadership makes a difference in transformation, and sustaining change requires ongoing support and accountability. These schools will continue to offer reduced student ratios and increased resources to close achievement gaps and transform the lives of students. 

  • RISE UP Empowering Educators

Last Modified on November 21, 2023