• Compacted Math 7b / 8

    Period 2


    Welcome to Compacted Math 7b / 8!  To help you navigate the course content and requirements, I have provided a brief description below of each of the corresponding links on the left side.



    • This calendar contains the following information:
      • Assessments (dates for which quizzes and tests will be administered)
      • Homework (contains links to assignments, date the assignment is given, and its due date)
      • Classwork (contains links to handouts distributed, date the assignment is given, and its due date)
      • Modules and topics to be covered each day
    • NOTE: Please be sure to check back regularly, as dates can change due to assemblies, fire drills, or other unforeseen events.


    Class Information / Resources

    • Links to all the good stuff, such as:
      • Absence Policy
      • Carnegie Learning / MATHia Access
      • Homework 
      • Office Hours
      • Supplies
      • Warm-Up / Exit Tickets
      • Weekly Quizzes



    • Each module link contains a brief description of the module (unit) to be covered.  Modules are broken down further into subsequent topics (chapters).  
    • Click on each topic name to access the Carnegie Learning Family Guide (an explanation of the math to be covered in the chapter).  Students will typically have a test at the end of each topic, so this information will provide an overview of what students will be assessed on.
    • For each topic, a list of corresponding MATHia workspaces is listed.  All workspaces for a particular topic will be due around when the topic itself is completed in class.