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    Congratulations Aprende Community...

    We raised over $31,066 in our Aprende Rocks Pledge Drive!

    Aprende ROCKS!


    Prize # Prize Prize Description Value WINNER
    #1 Golf Package Golf Book, 2 Shirts, Box of balls, Hat, Blast Golf and Golf Training Aid Glasses $400 Patrick Dallas
    #2 Wine Basket 4 Bottles of Varying Varietals $200 Sean Pate
    #3 Craft Beer Package $50 Gift Card + TSBC Swag $200 Chambria Henderson
    #4 Date Night Package $70 Cheesecake Factory GC & One hour of Bowling for up to 6 guests Bahama Bucks &12 oz. Shaved Ice $160 Kristopher N Alexander
    #5 Massage Package $100 Massage Gift Card & Bath Bombs/Lotions $150 Nathan Milhoan
    #6 Chipotle Dinner for 2 $30 MaryAnn Garcia
    #7 Chipotle Dinner for 2 $30 Sarina Ryczek
    #8 Chompie's 1 Bagel Box w/ 1 lb. cream cheese $25 Andrew Marsh
    #9 Totts Asian Diner $20 Gift Certificate $20 Rachel Bonofiglio



    Prize # Prize WINNER
    #1 GoPro Bundle/Switch/Beats Mia Hall
    #2 GoPro Bundle/Switch/Beats Sterlin Madrid
    #3 GoPro Bundle/Switch/Beats Katherine Dallas
    #4 Main Event Family Day for up to 10 Guests Isabella Tanita
    #5 Arizona Diamondbacks Charlotte Hawley
    #6 Pogo Pass Isabel Ramirez
    #7 Pogo Pass Sydney Gordon
    #8 Odysea Aquarium Tickets Morgan Gonzales
    #9 Billiards & Bowling Serenity Acosta
    #10 Billiards & Bowling Brandon Pate
    #11 Billiards & Bowling Mackenzie Quijada
    #12 Phoenix Zoo Naomi Jue
    #13 Dutch Bros Gift Card Ari Quinn
    #14 Cheesecake Factory Ella Kresling
    #15 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- Hoodie Zander Sutton
    #16 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- Hoodie Omar Teleb
    #17 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- Hoodie Llano Morris
    #18 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- Hoodie Joseph Cavira
    #19 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- Hoodie Brock Griesbeck
    #20 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- Hoodie Asher Nevels
    #21 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- Hoodie Connor Burhans
    #22 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- Hoodie Kiersten Ryczek
    #23 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- Hoodie Hayden Baker
    #24 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- Hoodie London Chestnut
    #25 Roblox Emily White
    #26 Roblox Alexander Powell
    #27 Roblox Eliana Gamero
    #28 Roblox Rowan Burd
    #29 PlayStation Christopher-John Montecavo
    #30 PlayStation Sydney Dresang
    #31 PlayStation Charles Quillan
    #32 PlayStation Riley Sech
    #33 Nintendo Riggs Black
    #34 Nintendo Chloe Akbay
    #35 Nintendo Kamal Vuppu
    #36 Nintendo Madison Salmons
    #37 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- T-shirt August Olmsted
    #38 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- T-shirt Delia McCormick
    #39 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- T-shirt Liam Smith
    #40 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- T-shirt Megan Fallert
    #41 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- T-shirt Kaitlyn Eberle
    #42 Launch Rocket & Culvers Ice Cream Hannah Hammer
    #43 Launch Rocket & Culvers Ice Cream Damion Noriega
    #44 Launch Rocket & Culvers Ice Cream Daniel Athitakis
    #45 Aprende Spirit Wear "New"-- T-shirt Charlie Gordon
    #46 Bahama Bucks / In & Out / Culvers Bundle Anastasica Wantanabe
    #47 Bahama Bucks / In & Out / Culvers Bundle Dejhown Mandley
    #48 Bahama Bucks / In & Out / Culvers Bundle Benjamin Blank-Tover
    #49 Bahama Bucks / In & Out / Culvers Bundle Lila Fyke
    #50 Bahama Bucks / In & Out / Culvers Bundle Samantha Spencer
    #51 Bahama Bucks / In & Out / Culvers Bundle Eva Dreger
    #52 Bahama Bucks / In & Out / Culvers Bundle Liv Bokatius
    #53 Bahama Bucks / In & Out / Culvers Bundle Aashna Plaisier
    #54 Bahama Bucks & Culvers Sofia Villone
    Prize Prize Description WINNER
    Music Event with Mrs. Werner Blue Man Group Concert - 4 Tickets Drake Royse
    Kory Bring your pet to school for a 1/2 day Elsa Blunck
    Kory Bring your pet to school for a 1/2 day Kali Kennedy
    Lindsey Strength Lunch with Mrs. Strength and a friend Isabel Ramirez
    Conner Slunaker 9x12 commissioned Pencil Drawing Kacey Ruth
    Jill Johnson Lunch of your choosing Zander Sutton
    Brady Pizza party lunch with Brady and up to 4 Alex Shelburne
    Deer Lunch with Mrs. Deer and a friend Wyatt Flint
    Shelton Will Fight Mr. Nichols or surprise me Sidney Gordon
    D'Andrea Pie me! Kirsten Ryczek
    Coombs Surprise me--it was fun last year :) Colton Misheski
    Polay Pick Polay's next hair color (within reason) Miles Bailey
    Dr W Lunch with Dr W and a friend Emily White
    Ganey Lunch with Ganey and a friend Connor Royse
    J. Kelly Surprise me Ella Peters
    Emily Sutherland Lunch with Ms. Sutherland and a friend Morgan Gonzales
    J. Kelly Surprise me Colton Misheski
    Nicole Schutkowski Teach with me for a day Sophie Villone
    Nicole Schutkowski Lunch with me! and a friend Kiersten Ryczek
    Amy Furman A book of your choice for your personal bookshelf Daniel Quinn
    Amy Furman A book of your choice for your personal bookshelf Avery Kulka
    Mr. Nasuta Ride on the Golf Cart for 1/2 Day Mia Hall
Last Modified on January 24, 2023