•  Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Curriculum Map

    • All students are given a student/parent letter to be signed at the beginning of the quarter.
    • Open Labs are only once a quarter and students choose what they would like to cook. Students then decide who will
      bring in a particular food and enjoy a lab day making their food choice.
    • Extra Credit is described in the letter and students may complete two of those per quarter.
    • Seventh and Eighth Graders begin sewing after the first four weeks.
    • Eighth Graders sew shorts.
    • Seventh Graders sew a pillow they have chosen and paid $6.00 for the complete kit.
    • Sixth Graders create a Food Product complete with all packaging guidelines for their big project. Sometimes they
      will have some "extra sewing" fun during this time.
    • All students may request a print-out of
      their grade at anytime.