60-Day Curriculum Resource Review 

    In September 2019, a request for proposals for Middle School (Grades 6-8) Science curriculum was released, launching the process for identifying high-quality resources to support instruction and learning. The purpose of this webpage is to inform the Kyrene staff and community of the resource review process and invite feedback during the 60-Day Review.

    Process for Review and Vetting of Submitted Resources

    Kyrene follows a defined process when considering a resource for adoption. First, resources under consideration are reviewed for alignment to standards and the criteria set forth in the request for proposals. Vendors with resources that meet the minimum criteria are reviewed by the Resource Review Committee, a group that includes representatives from schools across the district. The top selections from the Resource Review Committee are presented to the Kyrene Governing Board to open a 60-Day Review. During the 60-Day Review, teachers and the community have an opportunity to view sample materials, view recorded vendor presentations, and provide feedback. After the 60-Day Review, the committee will analyze feedback and make recommendations to the Kyrene Governing Board for adoption.
    Adoption Process

    60-Day Review 

    The 60-Day Review is the window of opportunity for teachers, staff and community to provide feedback on resources. The 60-Day Review will be from October 16 through December 20, 2019. During the 60-Day Review, vendors provide recorded presentations, online demo access, and physical materials for display at the district office and at each school site for a designated period. The district office display will be available during the entire window. East side schools will have materials available for review between October 21 and November 15; West side schools between November 18 and December 20. 

    Staff will complete a survey providing a ranking of the resources with a section for comments. Staff members who eligible to participate in the survey are teachers who will be using or supporting the resources as well as the school principal. The threshold for participation of eligible staff members is set at 80%. Community members are able to view materials at the district office and complete a feedback form. Visitors to the district office are welcome to make an appointment with Curriculum and Assessment (480-541-1250) or check in at the front desk during business hours.

    Middle School Science (Grades 6-8):
    The Middle School Science Resource Review Committee recommended three resources for 60-Day Review.

    For questions regarding the 60-Day Review Process, please contact the Curriculum and Assessment team at 480-541-1250.


Last Modified on October 28, 2019