• Week of 4.1 - 4.5

     Animal Allies

    Powerpoint for April 1 to April 5

    Reading Buddies (pgs. 94 - 95)

    • Underline key details in text 
    • Complete summary with IVF sentence on pg. 96 
    • Complete quickwrite on pg. 97

    My Life with the Chimpanzees (pgs. 101 - 110) 

    • Comprehension check on pg. 111 **ASSESSMENT GRADE**
    • Close read Annotations and Questions on pgs. 102, 103, 105 and 108 


  • Week of 3.25 - 3.29

    Argumentative Essay Writing

    Students spent the week receiving feedback, editing and drafting a final copy of their essay. Essays were turned into Google Classroom. Essays are worth 20 ASSESSMENT points in the gradebook. 


    Week of 3.19 - 3.22

    Argumentative Essay Pre-Writing Work 

    Powerpoint for the week

    • Evidence Log - using ELA packet, complete the first three on "What on Earth is left to Explore." Then choose two other readings to complete. 
    • Graphic Organizer - must provide at least two reasons and one piece of evidence for each reason (though two pieces of evidence is better); do not need to have a counter-argumenet or a rebuttal 
    • Argumentative Essay rough draft - to complete in google docs