• Welcome to 6th Grade Multimedia! 




    Teacher: Ms. L-B                                          Room: Lab 33

    School Phone Number: 480-541-5460         Email: alowellbritt@kyrene.org


    Note: Emailing me is the best form of communication. I check my messages and e-mails daily.


    General Course Description

     This course covers basic multimedia concepts and applications utilizing text, graphics, animation, sound, video, and various multimedia applications in the design, development, and creation of multimedia presentations and publications in an interactive environment.


    Instructional Philosophy

    The layout of the workstations and equipment in the classroom is organized to facilitate teaching and student learning.  The goal for the class is for students to learn about multimedia and be able to create several multimedia projects in different multimedia formats using The Adobe Suite, Google Drive and Windows Movie Maker. 


    The teaching strategies of explaining, demonstrating, monitoring, confirming and assisting will be used to meet the needs of all students. For example, students will learn a new concept, practice exercises applying the concept while the teacher observes, confirms, and/or assists. Instruction may be given to the entire class, small groups, and individually. The teacher will provide immediate feedback to the students. Students usually work independently in multimedia basics but some activities can be completed as small group projects.


    Text and Materials:

    Textbook: none

    Software:  Google Slides, Google Drive,  Adobe Suite, Windows Movie Maker


    Handouts prepared by teacher


    Student Materials

    Pen or Pencil


    The District’s Grading Scale is as follows:


    A = 100-90

    B = 89-80

    C = 79-70

    D = 69-60

    F = 59-0


    Quizzes/Tests and Examination

    Classwork is formally or informally evaluated each day. Quizzes and/or daily application exercises are formally evaluated at least once a week. Practice exercises or daily applications are monitored daily in class and are reviewed each day. There will not be any formal tests, rather projects that are completed individually after the lesson/lessons. Suggestions for improvement are communicated to the student either verbally or in writing. If problems affect several students, remedial work is incorporated in the next day’s lesson.


    Make Up Work Procedure

    Students are responsible for completing work missed while absent. Time will be given in class to make up work.


    Classroom Behavior

    Disruption that goes beyond the behavior listed in the district’s Code of conduct and the school’s handbook will not be tolerated. In addition, eating, chewing gum, or drinking in the classroom is off limits unless authorized by the teacher.



    Minor Disruptions

    • Verbal warning
    • Parent contact (if necessary)
    • Referral to Administration


    Cheating Policy

    Students are held accountable for completing their own work and shall be guilty of cheating if they submit other students’ work for grading (document applications, timed writing, quizzes, tests, and projects).



    Accommodations will be made for identified students.


    Rules for Internet Use

    The teacher will go over the Kyrene School District’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy. The students will have read and signed the agreement.



    Extra Help Opportunities:

    Students will make arrangements with the teacher to schedule a time for assistance or to make up work before school on specific days.



    Wordle- Rubric