• Student Supply List:

    • One 1.5" inch three-ringed binder 
    • Dividers (3) for binder 
    • Pencils 
    • Colored pencils (8 or 12 pack)
    • Inexpensive set of headphones with aux cable (iphone ear buds/headphones are not compatible with Chromebooks) 
    • Refillable water bottle (optional but recommended)

    You DO NOT need a "red" folder for my class, as the three-ringed binder works better for ELA content. 

    **IF POSSIBLE Please avoid buying the zip-up three-ringed binders. We have found that they are too big for normal backpacks and are difficult to manage with open-book tests.


    • Post-it Notes (any size)
    • Gallon/Freezer Ziplock bags (for novels to travel back and forth from school/home)
    • #2 yellow pencils 
    • Kleenex tissues
    • Colored pencils 
    • ream of white copy paper 

    Thank you, in advance, for donating to our classroom supply list. Your generosity is appreciated.  

    Your Partner in Education, 

    Melissa M. Wicks, M.Ed.