• Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I get an instrument?: Students should provide their own instrument if they can, preferably by renting from a local store. 

     Click here for more information about obtaining instruments.

    Do you have any advice for purchasing instruments?: Purchasing an instrument can be cost effective if the student is big enough for a full size instrument and will use the instrument for at least 2 years.  It is best to purchase from a reputable instrument vendor, and plan to pay at least as much as you would for renting for 1 year. 

    Click here for more information about purchasing instruments

    What materials are needed for class?:  All string players need rosin.  It goes on the hair of the bow to help it make sound. 

    We also need a basic cloth to clean any rosin dust or dirt off of our instruments when we're done playing. 

    Violin and Viola students NEED to use some kind of shoulder rest.  There are many styles available, but whatever is comfortable for them is fine.  Contact Mr. Weissberg if you need advice.

    Cello and Bass students may need an endpin anchor or rock stop to keep their instrument stable while playing.  This often isn't necessary on carpet, but more useful on smooth floors. 

    Normally we use music stands, but for now most of our music will be accessed online, so you probably won't need one.
    Please do NOT put laptops, chromebooks, or tablets on a music stand. 


    My instrument came with polish.  How do I use that?: Instruments only need to be cleaned with polish 1 or 2 times per year, and we'll do this in class at least once.  Students should NOT polish their instruments until they are taught how to do it correctly.