•                                                                     School supply list for 6th Language Arts

    Individual supplies

    2 folders with braids (one for each semester)                                                                                  

    2 composition notebooks or spiral notebooks                                    

    2 different color of highlighters


    1 pkg of notebook paper

    Supplies for Class Use

    1st  period

    Boys:  Package of pencils

    Girls:   Kleenex

    2nd  period

    Boys: Package of pencils

    Girls: Package of red pens

    4th  period

    Boys: Glue Sticks

    Girls: Package of blue or black pens

    5th  period

    Boys: Package of notebook paper

    Girls:   Package of markers

    6th  period:

    Boys: Crayons

    Girls: highlighters

    Wish list for class use

    Construction paper                                                                        Markers

    Sticky notes                                                                                  Crayons

    Notecards                                                                                     Glue sticks

    Extra notebook paper                                                                    Hand Sanitizer

    Extra package of pencils

    Extra highlighters

    Extra red or colored pens