• Academic Goals:

    During the year, you will...

    ●     read a wide range of texts to include poetry, short fiction, novels, plays speeches, and various other expository texts;

    ●     develop your ability to read and comprehend challenging texts;

    ●     participate in Socratic seminars or other academic discussions about texts;

    ●     write an argument essay, explanatory essay, narrative, and research paper with thesis.

    ●     learn a process for writing which includes analyzing a prompt, engaging in pre-writing activities, drafting, participating in writing workshops, revising, editing, and publishing a final paper.

    ●     work collaboratively on assignments and projects;

    ●     participate in short presentations;

    ●     develop critical and creative thinking skills to become effective problem solvers;

    ●     participate in technology based lessons and activities that will build your 21st century skills.

    6th Grade Language Arts Curriculum

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    Students will work throughout the year to demonstrate their knowledge and skill through project-based learning, individual assessments and collaborative assignments.
    1st Quarter
    • Unit topic: Childhood
    • Writing focus: Narrative 
    2nd Quarter
    • Unit topic: Imagination
    • Writing focus: Expository
    3rd Quarter
    • Unit topic: Exploration
    • Writing focus: Argumentative
    4th Quarter
    • Unit topics: Animal Allies 
    •  Writing focus: Argumentative

    District Course Description